Uncle Oscar’s is committed to producing a green cleaner that can tackle even the biggest cleanup; a product that is as powerful as anything else available, but safer to use and completely compatible with existing infrastructure and processes.

Our greatest priorities and deliverables to the clients and industries we serve are as follows:

  1. Design products to maximize function and minimize toxicity
  2. Design products which degrade and do not persist in the environment

We only use high-purity reagents, and nothing in our products is flammable, carcinogenic, or solvent-based. We are committed to producing chemical products designed with the environment in mind, for companies dedicated to sustainability.



Many Benefits

The build-up of fats, oils and grease (FOG) on cooking surfaces, countertops, floors, and exhaust hoods is not only a significant fire hazard, but can also result in slips and falls, foul odors, disease transmission, and excessive maintenance costs.

  • Uncle Oscar’s F.O.G Control is a powerful degreaser that rapidly breaks apart the toughest fat, oil, and grease molecules, eliminating FOG buildup the foul odors that go along with it.
  • Our proprietary infusion of plant-extracted proteins and peptides diminishes the corrosive capacity of our cleaner compared to other high-pH products and increases environmental degradation, providing users with a safe and green solution.

With these added benefits and values, Uncle Oscar’s is the best option for grease removal from all restaurant and food processing surfaces, from hoods to countertops to floors. Whether it is the cleaning power or the peace of mind that comes from equipping your workforce with a safer chemical, you can depend on Uncle Oscar’s to bring you the best cleaning chemicals with the least environmental impact.