Our Company

Uncle Oscar’s LLC was founded with the vision of creating a safe alternative to traditional chemical cleaners that are all too often composed of hazardous and carcinogenic reagents.

Goals for our products include:

  1. Chemical formulations that are gentle on skin but powerful on grease
  2. Formulations that are functional over a wide range of conditions including pH, temperature, salinity, and mineral content
  3. Greater efficiency at lower temperature and with less water
  4. Transparency with regard to toxicity data and product testing: we want you to know everything that we know about our products

Our plant-based materials and methods of formulation are the most advanced in the industry and will change the way you think about your business; now you can save money while also making your workplace cleaner and safer.

Uncle Oscar’s is the only cleaner you’ll ever need: a cost-effective and environmentally-safe alternative to the toxic chemicals currently on the market. Your clients will appreciate knowing you are doing your part to protect the environment while serving their needs more effectively. Take advantage of the added value and benefits that Uncle Oscar’s F.O.G. Control can bring to your business.

The Team

DAVID STIDHAM a 30 year entertainment industry executive with a core competency in building premium monetization models and brands through new productions and land based events. David has executive produced, distributed and consulted on over 200 televised productions. With expertise in domestic and international corporate marketing, business development, strategic alliances and sales. Since the sale of his company David has dedicated himself to being an eco-industrialist bringing attention to the multitude of green solutions our products offer and their environmental benefits.

Peter Rehage has a BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Puget Sound. His research has primarily related to coastal dynamics and ecology, petroleum waste products, historical industrial waste products, processed waters and contaminant transport through marine systems.